In recent years, all ears are turning to Africa as its popular sound and biggest indigenous music genre export; Afrobeat, begins to grab the world’s attention, with little or no signs of slowing down.

Afrobeat has grown to become not just a music genre, birthed, nurtured, refined, and consumed in Africa by Africans, it is a way of life, a culture, a medium of expressing and showcasing not only the beauty of Africa but her potentials and what she can become in a no distant future.

In a continent mostly in the news for all of the wrong reasons; hunger, starvation, poverty, bad leadership and more, her entertainment industry and entertainers are leading the pack and changing the narratives one song at a time, with Afrobeat at the forefront of it all.

Although heavily stiffened by piracy, lesser online presence in contrast to her population density, including expensive access to the internet and so on, It is not surprising that African artists are bagging huge streaming numbers, beginning to get more attention on the world’s biggest stages, selling out large venues both internationally and locally and making giant strides on their own terms.

The following are a few examples of events by African artists which are setting the pace and changing the narrative;

  • Mr Eazi’s recent penetration in the Latino music scene without altering his sound to suit the Latino market.
  • The Grammy is starting to turn its eyes and ears to Africa’s pop artistes with their recent romance with Nigeria’s Burna Boy, a back to back Grammy nominations and a slot to perform at the Grammy’s award ceremony.
  • The adoption of Afrobeats music as the Coming 2 America soundtrack, and the never ending global features Afrobeat artistes are beginning to bag, day in, day out.

Afrobeat is the new cool boy on the block whom everyone wants to be associated with. She is beginning to look like Africa’s biggest export and new bragging right. A giant is awakening and she is beginning to notice her height and strength.

Notwithstanding; one can not fail to laud Nollywood, Africa’s biggest movie industry and third biggest movie industry in the world, only behind Hollywood and Bollywood, as they vehemently work tirelessly, side by side Africa’s music scene in changing the perceived negative narrative of Africa, as a wasteland, doing it the proverbial African tortoise way, slow and steady, one song at a time, one movie at a time.

Now that the African giant is awake, one can only hope she stays awoke.

written by : Kizito Ovie Efeotor