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Best Nutrition Tips For Children

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Parents have a huge impact on how and what their child eats. We can try to give him broccoli, but if we don’t eat vegetables ourselves, the kid will hardly differ in his preferences. Let your child eat with you from the very
first days. Let him see how you choose fruit and vegetables, cook, get pleasure from taste and communication with the loved ones.

Thus, the food will become an action full of aromas, flavors and most vivid colors. Michelle Oliver, the creator of a blog about children’s food gives a simple, but perfect advice: “Give your children tasty and healthy food
from the first spoon, and they will carry this love throughout their life.

These tips on child nutrition will help your child to love healthy food, and simplify your life. Also, you can simplify your life if you choose Jiji! Jiji is a perfect place to find anything you need, including quality products for babies and kids

Trust your child

It has been proven that children’s ability to self-regulation in diet is innate. Trust your child, rather than granny’s fears. Since the first weeks children differ in speed of maturation of their nervous and digestive systems, metabolism, temperament. Some children ask for more food within five minutes after feeding, while others are full after eating several spoons, gradually getting used to the new food.

Norms of consumption are only a conditional landmark, while adequate weight gain and growth, and well-being of a child are really important. Children’s dislike of eating often occurs because of the first negative experience and a desperate desire of parents to feed their child at all costs. Let your child decide how much to eat and stop grandma when she will offer another small spoon.

Give the freedom of choice

Pointless games on a plate that annoy parents are responsible for further attitude to food. In the age of nearly two years children come to the time when everything that worked before turns out to be forgotten, and favorite
dishes are utterly rejected.

The child chooses only a particular set of products, doesn’t accept new ones or even refuses to eat. At this age the child becomes an autonomous personality and needs to get the respect of his choice. So give him the choice, but within the limits set by you.

Reduce the number of simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates (fructose, glucose and lactose), according to modern academics, are one of the main causes of many diseases, such as diabetes, diseases of the digestive tract, a breach of the regulation of appetite,
headaches, obesity, hormonal changes, and dental caries.

Fast carbohydrates get to children’s plate along with foods from the supermarket: bread and pasta ma e from refined flour, snacks, as well as starchy root vegetables, such as potato.

​And, of course, under the guise of supposedly healthy products (sweet cheese, baby biscuits, and juice) our children get unhealthy simple carbohydrates.

So, we should be very careful about what our children eat and read as much information as we can about that.

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