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Dele Da Poet has been variously described as a rapper, afrocentric pop artist, reggae artist, and sometimes an R & B star. Whichever description you choose, you will probably be right. This is because Dele Da Poet’s intuitive composition, rendition and high pitched groove as evidenced in his latest release – Big Size – is by no means limited to any particular style. It is an explosive club banger that redefines the fusion of strong beats and modern day romance.

As if he was not done putting his personal stamp of uniqueness on the fast growing Nigerian music industry Dele Da Poet, the ‘Loverboy’ has followed Big Size effort by another stellar performance in roaring new hit titled “Totori Mi.”

Totori Mi is a love song rendered from a lion’s heart; the very way a ‘sweet sixteen’ would want to broadcast the innate feelings. A feeling so hot no one can put a lid on it! Dele Da Poet joined hands with a marvelous song writer D.A.P.O. to give us something to sing along to. Its lyrics come to mind when you feel that passion for your love and the rest is left to your imagination

A native of Osun State, Nigeria and ‘Son of the Soil’ in Ilesa, Dele Da Poet is particularly proud of his Nigerian heritage.

Born in San Antonio, Texas in May, 1993, Dele Da Poet remains a die-hard ambassador of the Nigerian culture wherever he goes. His upcoming single, Mother Africa, lends its melody to his belief that Africa is the cradle of world’s civilization.

Download both songs and flex.