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Evans Ndukwe hails from the eastern part of Nigeria in West Africa. He was raised by a singing Mother in a music environment. Music runs in him. He is a songwriter, a song composer and a gospel worship Leader who is also passionate about Africa, the development of Africa and the Peaceful coexistence of Africans wherever they are outside home.

Project One Love Africa was written to project our green Land, our great future and the spirit of Love which drive any sustainable development anywhere in the world.

Africa is deeply endowed. We have the advantage. We are well positioned. Well cultured with Love and Peace. Such that if only we can be proud of who we are, if only we can appreciate the strength and weaknesses of our brothers (while tapping into it), if only we can take advantage of our potentials, if only we will complement and not compete among ourselves, if we can harness our beautiful diversities; geographical, cultural, colour, people, population, and natural blessings; no country will see us as less. We are the best.

Listen to Project One Love Africa. Share it. Preach it. Become it. Project One Love Africa. We can only be better together.