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Fast rising singer, X-Pat serves one of his melodious tunes and this comes in form of a Satiric song titled ‘Monalisa’. The JayBlackBeatz – Standstill produced single bundles a top notch message in melodious tunes!*

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*No be aone! atwo! athree! afour! afive! I see hmm… Holy Nweje….. *
*So you dey fire, you come dey hide am, *
*So you dey wire, number one pretender…Its X-Pat *

*If I tell you I love u run eh, no be my fault oh! I Don catch you for
corner where u dey choir with men oh*
*If I tell you I love you run eh no be my fault oh, I Don catch you for
corner where u dey choir with men oh… Monalisa…you dey form galadima,
but you dey fire, u come dey hide am.*
*Monalisa… You dey claim to be sister… But u dey wire… Number 1
pretender, holy…. *

*1. As I settle to find wifeeee.. Most girls them too wild… Monalisa come
my way come claim she different oh, monalisa too serious oh! this girl dey
smell church oh, she dey dress like Maria she made me believe she pure, So
anytime u see am oh, she go tie hair tie with long gown oh, she go Carry
her big Bible dey Waka like say she holy pass… Monalisa.. Eh eh eh eh eh
eh.. Everyday u dey go church oh.. This your style na wash oh, u say u be
choir mistress oh, eh eh eh eh eh eh, say u be leader of the prayer band
oh… Wash my head na yours oh, na only u dey sweep church…don’t shoot
me, easy sister Lisa… *

*2. As I settle for Lisa eh, she convince me believe her dey more oh, she
dey make me dey meditate oh, dey concentrate when I dey pray to God, but
anytime I try touching… She go shout, not before wedding, not even small
kissing, she go shout, holy ghost go fire us eh, ah! Say anointing go
shock us eh, say mmuonso go shoot us, no be Lisa I dey see for that corner
no be joke oh, she wan play me Wayo she wan mess with my head oh..
Listen… She dey sing d r m f s l t d, d t l s f m r d (2x)*
*Come see Saint Lisa…Johny Johny eh, I Don catch Sis Lisa, Johny Johny
eh *
*Come see Saint Lisa Johny Johny eh, my holy Lisa Johny Johny eh eh*
*Holy Lisa, so na your everyday choir practice be this abi? *
*Say no to hypocrisy, live your life, live right.*

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