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In celebrating Mother’s day, Eto Keno comes through with a brand new single dedicated to Mothers, particularly his Mother who he calls THE BEST MAMA.


Lyrics by Keno Eto

Lv My Mama is so sweet I cannot forget her

All Mama x3

Lv Through all her struggles I can never forget her

All Mama eh (x3) You are the best


My Mummy, You are wonderful

You are excellent, You are a blessing to me

My Mummy, I celebrate you

I could wish for no other but you



The love wey you get for me

Nothing fit compare eh

The way you dey carry my matter

Nobody fit describe eh

If you get power eh

Nobody fiti harm me oh

Dis my Mama eh

Are sai rue obo ra ha eh



I love you Mama

My sweet sweet sweet Mama

I love you Mama eh