All Music,EVENTS,INTERVIEWS,LYRICS,MUSIC,NEWS,SNIPPETS,SPONSORED,VIDEO How To Turn $500 Into At Least $100 – $150 Monthly Income Via Spotify Music Streams – A Mind Blowing Revelation.

How To Turn $500 Into At Least $100 – $150 Monthly Income Via Spotify Music Streams – A Mind Blowing Revelation.

It is no longer news that musicians are the new set of money-spinners in the world. Even though it’s not a reality yet in Nigeria, around the world, in developed countries, upcoming musicians are enjoying luxurious lifestyles from their music through the various streaming platforms.

The truth is, the only reason this is not happening in Nigeria is the fact that no one is ready to bring this to us. Everyone who knows about it wants to enjoy it all alone. Anyways, because cares for every young musician, we decided to delve into this research and bring this mind-blowing discovery to you.

Spotify is one of the top streaming platforms in the world. With over 100million paid users across the world, it is the oil money of the music industry. Other platforms are apple music, amazon, tidal, etc.

Now, after distributing your song, you need to get people to stream the song. Streaming is when people listen to the song as you listen to songs on your phone.

Now the business deal here is streaming.

After conducting intensive research, we found out a Spotify streaming investment structure that can help upcoming musicians make money from their songs. The beauty of this is that it requires a one time amount and you will keep on making income every month for as many years as possible.

So, whats the earning structure like?

If you are able to secure funds to get 100,000 Spotify streams to your song for 2 months, you will be able to pocket $100 – $150 or even more in profit.

Spotify pays every 2 months. So if for example, you generate 100,000 streams in January, Spotify will send your earnings by the 3rd of March. If you get 100,000 streams in February, you get your money paid to you in April. If you get 100,000 streams in March, you get your earnings paid in May.

So using this structure, you cover the cost of 100,000 streams for January and February, and you will keep getting income every month. The beauty is, once you cover the cost of the 2-month streams, you wont have to spend any money from your pocket. Your earnings will cover the total cost of getting more streams in other months. plus you will keep monthly profits.

Now, what you have read is for the purpose of you knowing what to do as per making money from your songs.

Now, Top Naija Music provides this investment structure for interested musicians.

Now, we will provide you 100,000 streams for $250 and you will get at least $400 from Spotify.

in 2 months. Now, if you invest $500, it will cover for 2 months of streaming which will get you at least $400 for 2 months.

Now, if you want more earnings, the power is in having more songs on Spotify, so that the streams are shared in bits amongst the links and then your money comes. So if you invest $500 in a month, you get at least $800 from Spotify.

The naira rate for $250 is N91,250 and $500 is N182,500.

We cant do a smaller number of streams because the profit margin is very slim.

That’s all about this.

If you want to activate, contact us on whatsapp: 08150795625 or

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