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Afro-Pop’s shortest love song crooner Mr BlaQ is at it again as he wastes no time in releasing yet another hit song which he has titled “Manya”. ManYa which means Alcohol in Igbo Language is often used as a street slang too when discussing about or referring to someone who is high on drinks. In every corner of Africa and probably the world drinks signifies celebration, merriment, enjoyment and happiness when it in abundance hence this song is a happy song and it’s beautifully delivered in a fusion of Afro-dancehall and hip-hop.

The story behind the song is basically that of a struggling young man who hustled his way out of the hood to the city and became successful afterwards because of his efforts and now wants everyone to come celebrate with him now that he has made it big. It’s a song for the streets and a song to motivate anyone who’s currently struggling through something. As they say, after the rain comes sunshine. ManYa is scheduled for release December 19th 2019.

Mr BlaQ is on Instagram and Twitter @ndibablaq and on Facebook @VictoRBlaQQQQ

MR BlaQ has another dope sound dropping in few weeks time. So far, he is definitely living up to his words when he said he would be releasing songs back to back. Fingers crossed on that but in the meantime, lets enjoy ManYa by Mr BlaQ.