Earn Money From Music Downloads All Music,MUSIC [MUSIC VIDEO] SETH OGAHI – STAND UP FOR LIFE


Seth Ogahi is considered by most who know him including Grammy judge Oga Otumala and Nigeria music legend Teemac Iseli as one of the most complete musician of today in songwriting, singing and performing.

Even though he is so called a starter he is a gold mine who in a short time has performed with musicians from different parts of the world in Nigeria. He is vast and deep in the art of music. He is so unique in his approach that his music appeals both to the young and the older generation as well as the global audience with lyrics and sound that is timeless.

This single “Stand up for Life” captures every essence of his art and its sure to make you look for everything he has to offer in the music industry. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.He is a musician who plays the guitar and percussion. Just enjoy him

Connect With Him

Facebook: Seth Ogahi
Instagram: Seth Ogahi_official
Twitter: @sethogahi

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