OFFICIAL VIDEO: Ngozi Orji (@RealNgoziOrji) – CANT HOLD BACK

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Ngozi Orji is not just a TV diva as many know her to be but also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a difference. Her music which blends Igbo, Pidgin and English has been her strong communication tool for sharing her stories and Holy Spirit inspired songs to listeners all around the world.

Ngozi Orji has maintained her life changing and emotional songs through the help of God and studying the word of God. Here is her latest audio of a Triple Blessed songs titled, ‘Can’t hold
back’ and ‘If Man Be God’ with “Can’t Hold Back The Video”. Its really a Triple Blessing.

“Can’t hold back” was produced by LEO’NEL ORJI while the video was by David Wincott..

In Ngozi Orji’s word – “The desire to praise and Worship God for who he is and what he’s done for me inspires my songs.”

My personal experiences in life and the experiences of other people also inspires my songs.

Looking at what I’ve been through in life and how God has saved me and brought me out and where God is taking me inspired CAN’T HOLD BACK”.

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