Afrobeat singer, Ganiyu Okanlawon Oluwo better known as Positive Oluwo is based in Sweden but currently in Nigeria to produce and promote his fourth single titled “Paparazzi” set to drop on August 28, 2021. While speaking with Potpourri, Positive Oluwo shares the inspiration behind the single, and also gives insight into his brand of Afrobeat music.

“ The inspiration behind “Paparazzi” is the ongoing fake lifestyles trending on social media. And these fake lives being lived on social media are misleading other people to jump into conclusion that life is all that glitters, making our young ones go into all sorts of evil associations and cults, just to join the bandwagon on social media,” he said.
“Paparazzi was written to speak to the minds of the young and old, to value their lives more than struggling to show off what they can’t really afford in real life, because it is misleading and destructive in the long run,” he added.

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