Top Naija Music Company, Lagos, Nigeria is proud to present to you our 24 hours online music radio which is already enjoying wide acceptance not only in Nigeria, but in more than 50 countries across the world according to our statistics.  We know people want to to listen to music and more music at any point in time. This we have come to fulfill with our unique radio.

The radio can be listened to on computers and mobile devices. It can be accessed at and the apps can be downloaded from Blackberry World, Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Now, This Message Is For Anyone Who Wants His/Her Song included in our Playlist.

We are opening doors to artistes (circular and Gospel artistes) to get their songs on our radio. Ours is a very unique one and very different from other online radios. We tweet any song that is played on twitter handle with over 120,000 followers (Check and mention the artiste so that he knows that his song is being played. This means that anytime your song is played on air, you will see a notification from twitter. This helps you to track the plays.

We have a very affordable rate for all our plans. See them below:

(1) RADIO INTERVIEW:  This is a one hour interesting talk show where we talk about the artistes and also play 10 of his best songs. If he has upto 10 songs recorded, then we play all his songs. If he has only one, then we play 9 other songs of his/her choice and play his one song as the Number 1 song. If he has 3 songs recorded, then we play 7 other songs and then top the list with 3 of his songs. This is a big opportunity for our listeners to really know about the artiste. PRICE FOR THIS SERVICE IS N50,000 only and comes with everyday airplay at a particular hour of the day e.g. 2.00pm, 5.00pm etc. The duration is for a month only. Request can be made for an extension of airplay at the cost of N30,000 only. You can ask your friends and loved ones to tune in at the hour your interview will play for them to listen and know more about you.

(2) RANDOM AIRPLAY FOR 3 MONTHS: This package will have your song played at least once a day online for the period of 3 months. It can play even twice or thrice. But what we guarantee is at least once a day.  THE PRICE OF THIS SERVICE IS N25,000 for an individual and N70,000 for a label with 2 or more artistes)

(3) HEAVY ROTATION PACKAGE: This is for acts/labels who want their song to play more times in a day. If you want your song to play at least 5 times a day, we charge N500 per airplay and you have to book for at least 5 airplays a day and for at least 7days.

(4) JINGLE PLACEMENT ON THE RADIO: We charge N500 for 15seconds jingle, N1,000 for 30minutes jingle and N1,500 for one minute jingle.

For further information and enquiries, contact Help Desk Officer; Paul on 07084464458 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp) or BBM: 2B6B7B23 

How To Activate The Promo

(1) Call Paul on 07084464458 to finalize the promotion

(2) Pay required sum into Gtbank Account Name: RUONA UFUOMA NIG ENT. ACCT NO: 0018573580. Then send your song + twitter handle to

Your song will be uploaded to the radio server promptly

You can have a feel of the radio once again by logging on to

TopNaijaMusicRadio…24/7 Nigeria Music, All Day, All Night!