All Music,INTERVIEWS Spotlight With ChizzyMusic – Nigeria Music Still Have A Long Way To Go + Releases New Single

Spotlight With ChizzyMusic – Nigeria Music Still Have A Long Way To Go + Releases New Single

In this interview, Top Naija Music engages in an interview with Chizzy Music who talks about his life, family, music and his aspirations. He particularly talks about

TNM -: May we Know you ?

ChizzyMusic -: Owolabi Joshua (Born July 16) known by my stage name ‘ChizzyMusic’ i’m a nigerian Singer, Song writer and record producer.

TNM -: What Prompted Your doing music ?

ChizzyMusic -: The thing is this, a lot of people venture into music nowadays for fun, i guess i was one of them, got a chance to record, tried it out and it made sense, then i said to myself why not make more ? As i grew older, i discovered my passion for music and i figured that why not give this out to the public ? Why should just my friends listen? Tried that out and it worked out, honestly if you don’t have passion for it, don’t do it.

TNM -: How did your music Journey begin ?

ChizzyMusic -: Trust me when i say it was difficult, it was difficult! Music isn’t something you jump into, if you want to do music , put your mind to it. I started music in ‘2015’ and as at then i had two or three singles which are now scrapped off , in 2016 i made my mind to take it professionally , but then my school, ‘the famous covenant university’ also made everything difficult, making music was impossible so i waited till holidays, dropped some singles, had a little fan base with my friends who supported me. 2017 the same. This year God’s been good to me and everything has been going fine, my major difficulties honestly were balancing school and music, discovering my sound & getting people to listen.

TNM -: Tell us your kind of music ?

ChizzyMusic -: I try to bounce through a lot of genres that’s through hip/hop, r&b, dancehall & Afrobeats

TNM -: What’s your opinion of the Nigerian music industry as of today .

ChizzyMusic -: Asides the rising diversity and segregation of the music industry and also the whole lot of money involved in promotion of your songs , The nigerian industry is booming fine with the likes of Wizkid, burnaboy representing us , we have a long way to go.

TNM -: What influences your lyrics ?

ChizzyMusic -: I guess a lot of things do. My friends say i mostly write about love & girls but that’s not just it. i try to reach everyone with my lyrics. If you listen to all my songs, there’s no way you won’t understand my lyrics . They’re influenced by my surroundings also ie what’s around me, how i feel and so on

TNM -: Who do you look up to in the music industry?

ChizzyMusic -: Wizkid and drake Drake

TNM -: What are your challenges?

ChizzyMusic -: As of now, my major challenge is getting people to listen to my music and also balancing school and my music

TNM -: where do you see yourself in the next 1 year ?

ChizzyMusic -: Trust me when i say i’m going to be big ? i’m going to be big !

TNM -: what are your hobbies ?

ChizzyMusic -: Reading , writing and recording

TNM -: which foreign act will you work with first ?

ChizzyMusic -: Drake

TNM -: what makes you diffrent from other emerging artists?

ChizzyMusic -: What makes me unique ? A lot of things, i mean a lot . Apart from having one of the most unique voices and sound, i try to pass messages through my songs, my songs are very very relatable.

Thanks for featuring on our Spotlight this week.

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