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Samuel Jack, also known as Psalmie Jay, was born in 1985 to his parents, the late Mwo Samuel and Mrs. Laticia Jack. He has since made a name for himself as an apostle, a teacher of the word, and a worshiper.

As an apostle, Psalmie Jay is recognized as a spiritual leader who is tasked with spreading the teachings of Christianity and guiding believers in their faith. He has a deep understanding of the Bible and is committed to helping others find their own personal relationship with God.

In addition to his role as an apostle, Psalmie Jay is also a gifted teacher of the word. He is able to break down complex theological concepts into understandable terms, making the Bible accessible to all who seek to learn more about it.

As a worshiper, Psalmie Jay is known for his ability to lead others in praising God through music and song. He has a powerful voice and a deep love for worship that is contagious to those around him.

Overall, Psalmie Jay is a highly respected figure in the Christian community. His commitment to spreading the word of God and helping others grow in their faith has made him a valuable asset to those around him.

Follow him on Social Media Facebook. Psalmie Jay, Instagram is @psalmie_jay, and Youtube: psalmie jay – YouTube

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