Ogbonna Jonathan a.k.a BISHOP is an upcoming artist  and a Geology student of the University of Ibadan. He currently resides in Ibadan where he schools. Anytime he is not writing a new song, he is trying to catch up with school works so that he does not perform poorly academically.

He just released his debut single titled, Take a Flight (a song for survivors) which is dedicated to the Super Eagles.

He is currently working on a new song for “leadership and excellence conference” to be held in UI. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @_bishopofficial


the fire is raging
Am never receding
Uneasy are roads to the crown
The gain is befitting
The pain is defeating
I never and will never retreat.
I may have been wailing
Am not known for quitting
‘Cause winning is within my gene
My molting is over
My feathers are stronger
My wings are reborn to remount.
I spread out my wings
Oh! My vision is clear
To take a flight , to greater heights
I never say never
For courage is ever
My power to will and to do
I never give a bow, I’d rather take a flight
I say that again and again
When my cross is heavy
Like I’m gonna give in
I think of my feats in the past
I say I will make it
I know I would make it
‘Cause winning is within my gene.
To take a flight
To greater heights
(Take off from the crowd, ascend to the crown)
I have been waiting. My patience is fading, I put faith in myself.
My moment is quite close
I spread out my wings,
Oh my vision is clear
(To take a flight, to greater heights)*2
To take a flight and be a man, to a greater height that’s meant for me
I take a flight
To greater heights
The whole world has got eyes on me, when I fall I rise a million times, I take a flight, I never stop, till I’m at the top.
Take a flight
Greater heights


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